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About Us

Campus Solutions is a summer storage and moving company ran by college kids, for college kids. The process is simple: Go on our website and choose your storage options (the items you see online are examples of items YOU own, that you would like us to store. Not items for purchase. We only sell boxes and packaging supplies). We store items such as microwaves, mini-fridges, lamps, fans, etc. Additionally, we have Storage Packs that consist of boxes, tape, bubblewrap, Xacto knife, and poster tubes(upon request). We can store big items like cars, mattresses, and futons upon request. Any item you need stored and don’t see on the website, give us a call and we can get you a quote. Once you place your order, your boxes will be delivered to your room or house about a week before finals. Pack your materials up and have them ready by your selected time slot and a CS team of movers will show up at your door to pick up your belongings. The person storing the items need not be present at pickup, just a roommate to open the door. Your items will then be transported to storage units that have 24/7 security surveillance, and will remain there until August. Finally, we will email you up in late July to confirm a date and approximate time to meet and return your belongings in August.