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Frequently Asked Questions

How long in advance should I place my order?
As soon as possible so we have time to plan how to best serve all our customers
What does the price include?
Labels, Pickup, Storage, and Delivery. If you order boxes, the price includes them as well as tape.
What if I have an item to store that’s not on the site?
Give us a call and we discuss a price and create that product on the site within minutes!
Who picks up my order?
Mover-trained student.
When is my stuff being picked up?
You select a guaranteed 1hr pick up slot during finals week or whenever you’re ready to leave campus
Do you pickup/deliver off campus?
Yes. Anywhere you want.
Can my parents pay for my order?
Yes. There is a place during checkout to send them the bill directly to their email.
Can my roommate and I share and order?
Yes. But we will only deliver to 1 location upon return
Can I store my car / big item?
Yes. Call for an inquiry.
Where do you store the items?
In a 24/7 surveillance facility within 1 mile from campus.
Can I buy these items on your website?
No. The only items we currently sell are boxes
Do you have general liability insurance?
Are my items covered by damage insurance?
Yes. $25 per regular box, $50 per large box or container (including all contents) or $130 per individually stored item (maximum of full refund total of multiple items/boxes mishandled or lost)
Can I purchase additional insurance?
Yes. See insurance options under “All Items”
What if I decided to move somewhere else / different future residence?
No problem. Let us know and we’ll rearrange at no extra cost.
What is your refund / cancel policy?
50% refund before move-out week.
Where do I pick up my boxes?
We deliver boxes directly to you in your dorm or off-campus housing, the week before finals week.
What complimentary items are included?
  • Tape
  • Labels
  • Poster tube (upon request).