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Terms of Service

Campus Solutions LLC

Terms and Conditions of Service


Campus Solutions LLC insures all items listed on this invoice, collected, and released to our service for their value not exceeding $25 US dollars per regular box and $50 US dollars per big box or container (including all contents) or up to $130 US dollars if the item is stored alone (as in the case of furniture etc. i.e we match cost to store). The maximum total coverage for all items held by Campus Solutions LLC is the price of service, at checkout, for each individual customer. Campus Solutions LLC reserves the right to evaluate each case on an individual basis to assess the value deemed appropriate for coverage. For added assurance, Campus Solutions LLC recommends and requests that the Customer add the contents stored to their (or their parent or guardians’) homeowners or renters insurance policy. This may also ensure coverage in the case of damage or loss due to earthquake, tornado, flood, war, natural disasters, fire, arson, acts of terror, acts of God, ALIEN INVASIONS and fire suppressants and/or water damage due to fire containment systems.


Campus Solutions LLC will accept responsibility for damages, not exceeding the above stated maximums, resulting from transportation and storage except in the following cases and/or items/property listed below:

  • Cash, jewelry, coins, or collectibles. Items of sentimental, intangible value and/or indefinable value
  • Perishable items at risk of deterioration while in storage (for example, food, cleaning and hygienic products and organic materials), including damage to other items resulting from storing these perishable items
  • Damaged or broken items without a clear indication and evidence of physical damage to the box or container it was stored and/or moved in
  • Any illegal substance or paraphernalia used in conjunction, guns, knives and all other weapons
  • Loss of data stored on any medium (hard drives, CDs, thumb drives) including purchased data such as music and software.
  • Extremely fragile items (for example mirrors, glass)
  • Improperly packed items (items not adhering to our packing tips, guidelines, and regulations)
  • Electronic equipment not packed in its original packaging when stored inside of a box or container. Containers with packaged electronics (for example monitors, computer, stereos, televisions, and all other electronic equipment) must be properly labeled and made obvious of its contents
  • Unpacked items (for example, furniture that is not wrapped and protected)
  • Minor damage resulted from normal moving and handling (examples: nicks, scratches, cuts, tape residue, and scrapes) to furniture and storage containers including but not limited to plastic bins and luggage
  • Damage to assembled furniture and particle board furniture
  • Damage due to earthquake, tornado, flood, war, natural disasters, fire, arson, acts of terror, acts of God, ALIEN INVASIONS, fire suppressants and/or water damage due to fire containment system.


Campus Solutions LLC is only responsible for items picked up and listed on each individual’s invoice at the time of pickup. Customers having friends, roommates, or other contacts sign for their items at the time of pick up must know exactly what items are to be picked up. In these instances, Campus Solutions is not responsible for any loss of forgotten or omitted items. We encourage all customers to provide a detailed list to these contacts, and to our office, of exactly what Campus Solutions will be picking up to ensure no inclusions or omissions occur.


If Campus Solutions is late or does not come to your pick up appointment, it is you and/or your contact’s responsibility to inform our office. Campus Solutions is not responsible for the negligence or failure of you or your contact to call our office if your appointment was missed. Campus Solutions does not take responsibility for items that are not picked up and not in our possession. The customer acknowledges that they are liable for any damage their storage contents may inflict on the property of others. Examples include, but are not limited to, ruptured containers of liquid, extreme odors, and decomposition of perishable items.


The Customer agrees to add contents in storage and custody of Campus Solutions LLC to their homeowners and/or renter’s insurance policy of their own or parent/guardian. The Customer agrees to first claim any loss against any insurance carried by the Customer or the Customer’s parents/guardian. The Customer will make claims against Campus Solutions LLC only after exhausting all other potential forms of coverage and providing proof of an attempt to gain said coverage.


Payment to Campus Solutions LLC is due the day the order for storage service is posted to Customer’s online account at After 30 days, a $10 late payment fee will be added. Additional $10 late payment fees will be added every 30 days past due.


Unless Campus Solutions is informed of a customer’s intention for longer-term storage, each item must be delivered or picked up within 30 days of the final delivery of the season. If it is not, a fee will be charged equal to the cost of summer storage of the item. If the item is not claimed within 60 days of the final delivery of the season, Campus Solutions LLC will receive ownership of said item(s).


INSURANCE CLAIM PROCESS AND FORM: Campus Solutions reserved the right to request a receipt of any lost or damaged item to verify purchase price. If a valid insurance claim is filed, Campus Solutions LLC will be liable for the lowest value of the following possibilities:

  • The cost of restoring the property to the condition it was in immediately before the initial pick up
  • Actual replacement value of the property
  • The verified purchase price less depreciation
  • $25 per regular box, $50 per large box or container (including all contents) or $130 per individually stored item (maximum of full refund total of multiple items/boxes mishandled or lost)


The declared value of the item, with a maximum declared value of $130, In order to complete a valid insurance claim, a customer must:

  • Complete and submit the insurance claim form within 14 days of delivery or attempted delivery of item(s)
  • Keep all packaging materials and damaged items, both of which should not be tampered with after the discovery of the damaged item


Campus Solutions LLC offers in house insurance with options of $50, $100 and $200 coverage plans. We match these purchases dollar for dollar giving you double the amount of insurance you pay for.


SHIPPING INSURANCE: Campus Solutions LLC is not responsible for the insurance of shipped items. For items being shipped, please refer to the shipping carrier’s website for coverage details. All domestic shipments are provided by FedEx or UPS and insured for $100 per package unless extra insurance is purchased by the customer from FedEx or UPS at the time of pick up. It is the customer’s responsibility to request this additional insurance and declare any items exceeding $100 US (shipping insurance does not increase by simply declaring the item’s value, as it does with storage).